How Punters Can Get Boosted Acca Bet Payouts

An Acca is the new name for the classic Accumulator bet, or as they are known in the U.S Parlay bets. When placing such a bet however you are placing one single bet on sports such as football, and every single team you pick to win must do exactly that.

The number of teams a punter list on such a bet can be as many as they like, and the way they work is that one single stake of any amount can be placed on such a bet, and that stake is then placed on the first match to kick off.

If the first team wins as you predicted the winnings and the original stake then roll over onto the next match and the next and so on. But one incorrect prediction will result in such a bet losing, however if every match a punters lists to win does go on to win the accumulated winnings can be huge.

Such bets are accepted by all bookies, sportsbooks and betting sites, however as there are so many different betting companies ever eager to get punters to bet with them, there can be a range of consolation bets and bonus payouts available when punters do shop around.

Those consolation and bonus payouts can take many different shapes and forms, so to help first time Acca bet punters make sense of them, below are some that do offer punters the maximum value.

Most Popular Sports for Acca Bets

It is not only football matches that punters are ever eager to place Acca related bets on, for virtually every single sport you can think of can be used at the basis for such a bet.

The top ten sports that punters do seem to love placing such bets on are listed below:

Horse Racing

Greyhound Racing


American Football







It is however important that punters secure the very highest odds on each team, golfer, horse or greyhound they want to win and that will see them having to shop around and compare the odds available at various different betting sites.

Acca Insurance Explained

Many bookies will offer their customers something known as Acca Insurance, and what such an offer gives punters the chance of doing is getting their state money returned to them if one of their selections on an Acca bet lets them down.graduate

Things to consider though when punters place such a bet is the number of teams they need to place on their Acca bet before the insurance will kick in, however having said that most betting sites will give punters their stake money back when they have at the very least five selections on their bet and one of them (no more than one) lets them down.

It should also be noted though, that the stake money returned to punters at some betting site via Acca Insurance if not credited to their account as cash, bit as a free bet of the same value, so there will be additional terms and conditions that need to be read through and followed before the free bet gets turned into real cash.

That will usually see punters having to place one or more bets with the free bet and then any winnings achieved can then be withdrawn.

Acca Bonus Payouts

A range of bonus payouts can often be achieved at certain betting sites when punters have managed to place a winning Acca bet, but much like every other offer available from betting sites there are usually some terms and conditions attached to bonus payouts.caution sign

It will often be the case that a punters will need to select a certain number of selections, each of which obviously much be winning ones on an Acca bet before a bonus winning payout will kick in, and the more selection the bigger the bonus payout can be.

Below is a fairly standard set of bonus payouts that winning punters will be awarded with dependent on just how many selections, all of which will have to be winning ones, that they select.

Treble – Bonus = 3%

4-Fold – Bonus = 10%

5-Fold – Bonus = 15%

6-Fold – Bonus = 20%

7-Fold – Bonus = 25%

8-Fold – Bonus = 30%

9-Fold – Bonus = 35%

10-Fold – Bonus = 40%

11-Fold – Bonus = 45%

12-Fold – Bonus = 50%

13-Fold – Bonus = 55%

14-Fold+ – Bonus = 60%

Just keep in mind such bonus payouts can and will vary from betting site to betting site, and therefore punters should be prepared to actively hunt around for the very best deals. Some betting sites will also only payout a bonus if the odds on each selection are over a certain value.

Maximum Acca Bet Payout Limits

One final word of caution to anybody that does fancy taking their chances and placing an Acca bet is that there is of course always the very real chance that with some luck in betting huge fortunes can be won on such bets, even when betting with relative low stake amounts.

Therefore what all punters do need to keep an eye on is any maximum payout limits that betting site and betting shops have listed on their terms and conditions section on their website or posted on the notice boards in their premises.

If a punter puts together an Acca bet that results in them winning more than the maximum payout limit, then they will only ever receive the maximum amount a bookie offers them, with the surplus being voided out.

So, it is important that a punter does work out just how much they are likely to win when placing any type of Acca bet and secures they stake such a bet in a way that will never see any amount of their winnings being cancelled out due to maximum payout limits.

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