Cookie Policy

A great deal of time and effort has gone into the design of this website, for we want every single one of our website visitors to have a very enjoyable time when visiting this website, and to always have at their fingertips the exact type of news and information that they are seeking too.

To help us deliver to you such an experience, we have chosen to make use of cookies on the and as such whenever you visit this website our server will place onto your computer or your mobile device a cookie.

Any and all subsequent visits to this website will see a new cookie being placed onto the device you are using to visit this website.

If you are unfamiliar with what a cookie is then please do read through this section of our website, for by doing so I will enlighten you as to just what a cookie is and how it is going to help us deliver to you a very enjoyable website visiting experience.

Whilst at no time are you forced to have a cookie placed onto your device by our server, this website will work optimally with it in place, and below you will also find details of how to remove any cookie we have placed onto your computer or mobile device if you would prefer not to have it stored on that device too.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a simple text type of file that our server will store on your device each time you visit this website, in fact these days no matter which websites you visit online there is a very good chance each of them will also place a cookie onto your device too.

Be aware that a cookie will at no time gives us access to your own personal information, they simply allow us to present to you information that you may have been searching for online.

We also use cookies for data analysis purposes and they will allow us to see which sections of our website are proving to be the most visited and most popular, and we can then set about adding additional content based on the subject of the sections of the website our website visitors are most eager to read and make use of.

Third Party Cookies

Some of the third party companies that we may be affiliated with are going to have put together a range of exclusive sign up and additional bonuses and promotional offers that are available to our website visitors.

To therefore ensure that when visiting any of those third party websites having clicked through from this website we may make use of third party cookies on this website.

Therefore just be aware that at times when visiting this website and then clicking through to another website you see showcased and/or presented to you on this website a cookie may be used to track your movement from this site to another.

By using a cookie in that way it will enable to third party website to recognise you are visiting their website from this one and will then be able to offer you the exclusive sign up or additional promotional offer you saw on this website.

Removing Our Cookies from Your Device

It is often possible for you to set your web browser to not accept cookies from any website or websites that you are about to visit, however each web browser will have a different range of option settings to allow you to do just that.

Just be aware that several different sections of this website have been designed in such a way that they will only work as they have been designed to do when you accept cookies from us, and as such when you do not allow you web browser to accept cookies some parts and sections of this website may not work as they should do.

You can however remove cookies from your device at any time, and as such if you would prefer to remove any cookie that has been placed onto your device after visiting this website then you are free to do just that.

You should click onto the settings option of your web browser and then follow the onscreen instructions for removing cookies, but once again be aware that most web browsers will have a different set of options and a different way for you to remover cookies, but out cookies can always be removed from your device quickly and easily and at any time too.