Privacy Policy

As part of our commitment to give you an enjoyable website visiting experience, below you are going to find the details of the website privacy policy.

Therefore please do read through this section of this website as by doing so I will enlighten you on how we take great effort to ensure your right to privacy is never compromised when using this website and the way that we make use of any personal information that you do choose to give us.

No Requirement to Sign up to Our Website

To make this website as accessible to as many people as we possibly can do at no time will you be required to have to sign up to access the information and content found within and upon it.

However, you may at times be required to sign up for several additional services that we offer, and with that in mind I will now enlighten you on what those additional services are and give you an overview and insight into just what information you will be required to furnish us with if you choose to make use of them.

Leaving Posts, Comments and Feedback

There will be a requirement for you  do sign up to this website and give us some personal information if for example you wish to leave posts, comments and feedback on any of the news stories and/or articles found upon this website.

That formation will be stored safely and securely, but please do ensure that when signing up you do not for example select a username that will personally identify you to other website visitors unless you are happy to be identified in that way.

Email Newsletters

We may give you the option of signing up from time to time for our email newsletters, and when you do so you are going to have to supply us with some personal information such as your name and your email address.

Due to the nature of such email newsletters we will often be sending you out exclusive and possible tailor-made personal offers and promotional deals from our handpicked range of third party gambling related companies in such email newsletters.

We may also share your personal formation provided when signing up to our email newsletters with our selected third party affiliated companies, as they will then be able to ensure any offers that are sent out to you are available to you personally if you do go on to claim and make use of any of them.

You can however unsubscribe from any email newsletters at any time by clicking onto the unsubscribe links within such newsletters.

Making Contact with Us

We do have several different ways that you are going to be able to make contact with our team here at the Betting Boss website, but always do be aware that we will respect your right to privacy if you do decide to make contact with us at any time.

The contact details and any additional personal information you supply us with if and when you do decide to make contact with us will only be ever used for its intended purposes, and we will only make use of your contact details to send you a reply to your questions or queries.

At no time will we send you out to you any type of advertising material if you have made contact with us for any other reasonable unless you have specifically requested we do so, by for example signing up to our email newsletters.

Third Party Websites

Whilst we do link to, showcase and mention additional third party website through this website, please be aware that they are not owned and operated by us, and as such we cannot be held responsible for any content or additional services offered by those website.

Each third party website will however have their own set of terms and conditions, privacy policies and cookie policies in place on their respective website and the onus is once again on you to read through each of them and to understand them if and when you do decide to visit such sites.

Additional T’s and C’s and Cookie Policy

Finally please also be aware that we have an additional terms and conditions section to this website that I invite you to read through just so you understand full each of our unique set of terms and conditions associated with using this website.

There is also a standalone cookies policy in place on this website too, and once again I would actively encourage you to read through that cookie policy just so you are aware how we do make use of cookies throughout this website and what they are in place for and how you can remove them from your device if you so desire.